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Purity: 99.999%
Properties: Colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, non-flammable monatomic gas, chemically inert. The relative density ds(21.1℃, air=1)0.696. Gas density 0.83536kg/m3 (21.1 ℃, 101.3kPa); liquid density 1207kg/m3 (-246.0 ℃). Boiling point -246.0°C. Melting point -248.7°C. It is more ionized than other gases at low voltages, and when energized produces an extremely bright red light.
Package: Dot steel cylinder 10L/47L; CGA 580 or GCE valve
Application: Neon is used to fill glow discharge tubes, electron tubes, signal lamps, fluorescent emission tubes, counter tubes, gas lasers, thyratrons; chromatographic carrier gas for special applications. Liquid neon can be used as a refrigerant to detect nuclear particles in the bubble chamber
CAS: 7440-01-9
UN: UN 1065 2.2
Manufacturer: Quzhou Hangyang Special Gas Co., ltd.

Quality Standard

Items Index
NEpurity ≥ % 99.999
HE ≤ ppmv 6
H2≤ ppmv 1
O2+Ar≤ ppmv 1
N2≤ ppmv 2
CO≤ ppmv 0.2
CO2≤ ppmv 0.2
CH4≤ ppmv 0.1
H2O≤ ppmv 2
total impurities≤ ppmv 10

Application fifields of special gas products

Mainly used in neon lights and as a filling medium in the electronics industry (such as high-voltage neon lamps, counter tubes, etc.), and also in laser technology. Because of its low boiling point, liquid neon can be used as a low-temperature cold source between 2Chemicalbook6 and 40K. In addition, it has applications in high energy physics. For example, a bubble chamber using liquid neon or the like is used. Neon-oxygen mixture can also be used instead of helium-oxygen for breathing.



We  provide various specifications of packaging according to customer needs, including wooden boxes, container boxes and other product packaging .


Loading Management

Our company has a professional loading and unloading team to ensure loading according to customer needs.


Hangyang special gas’ advantages

Hangyang can independently develop, design and manufacture special gas devices, with a complete set of devices.Independent intellectual property rights, can provide equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales maintenance, etc. Whole industry chain services.
Hangyang also has strong production and operation capabilities for special gases and rare gases.Rapidly expand the scale of business and come to the forefront of the world.

We can refine and purify according to customers’ requirements.
Quzhou Hangyang Special Gas Co.,ltd. Is a leader manufacturer of rare gas and its mother company Hangzhou Oxygen Plant Group is the largest manufacturer of air separation unit in China. Our rare gas have been approved many customers such as Toshiba memory.
We are Looking forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you.

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