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Unity: Team spirit is the foundation of Hangyang's business. We value not only competence, but loyalty. "Harmony is precious" embodies our cooperative spirit and collective consciousness.

Innovation: Innovation makes Hangyang continue to grow. We have the courage to accept bold ideas and take responsibility. We cherish the opportunities in the challenges, agile innovation, leading development.

Together: We form a community of value with our employees, customers and shareholders. We progress together to build a sustainable future, Share the fruits of high-quality development.


Hangyang Group


Hangyang Group is located in Hangzhou, China, with 24 manufacturing subsidiaries and more than 50 gas subsidiaries. At present, Hangyang's gas companies have spread all over the country in 17 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), with more than 50 gas companies, 90 sets of complete sets of equipment, and the oxygen production capacity of air separation units has reached 2.8 million Nm3/h. Requires abundant raw material resources. Hangyang owns a full set of independent intellectual property rights for the R&D and design of air separation equipment, and can provide the whole industry chain service of manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance.

Mission: As the pioneer and leader of China's gas industry, Provide green equipment, gas products and services that can sustainably create value for the world.

Vision: Create a low-carbon green society and become a world-class enterprise in the gas industry.


About Us

Quzhou Hangyang Special Gas Co., Ltd. is the rare gas refining and production base of Hangyang Group, and the only special gas company directly affiliated to Hangyang.

Quzhou Hangyang Special Gas Co., Ltd. is located in the high-tech industrial park of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is the production base of Hangyang special gas products. and noble gas refining center. Hangyang established a factory in 1950, and has always been in the development of China's air separation industry in the development of more than 70 years.

At the forefront, leading the continuous development of China's air separation technology. Hangyang is mainly engaged in the production and sales of air separation equipment, gas,Design and manufacture of cryogenic petrochemical equipment and general contracting business. Hangyang has the world's largest air separation equipment manufacturing base.With its technical and brand advantages in the field of air separation equipment, as a model of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, it has been selected into CCTV's "Great Powers Heavy Weapon" "The Cornerstone of a Powerful Country" and other feature films. More than 50 gas companies in Hangyang are located in eight major regions of the country, widely distributed in metallurgy, coal chemical industry,Petrochemical and other industries have sufficient, stable and diversified sources of rare gas raw materials.


Hangyang has several sets of self-developed production equipment and advanced testing equipment. We have also established and improved the quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system, and established quality management systems such as raw material inspection, intermediate product control and finished product analysis to ensure the quality of production products. Procedures, corrective and preventive control procedures and other processes to strengthen product control.


Hangyang Special Gas relies on the R&D team of Hangyang Headquarters. The team is a special gas R&D team with a doctor as the technical leader. It has 3 doctors, 13 masters, 1 senior engineer, 11 senior engineers, and 29 engineers. There are 55 professional and technical personnel.

Hangyang Special Gas relies on technology research and development, project design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation, operation and commissioning, production of Hangyang Headquarters 。The production and operation mode of the whole process, the whole process and the whole industry chain integrating operation, marketing and after-sales service.

We are confident to establish long-term friendly cooperative relations with our customers.